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Here a excellent concept with beautiful execution…simply a breath-taking sight.


ZoCards Stand

It has been become a habit of me to keep a look out for zocards when I am roaming around shopping malls. It has also become a source for inspirations when I run out of ideas in designing edms, posters or the next approach to our marketing direction.

An Interesting article featuring “Why Branding Matters to Singapore’s economic success?”.I personally feel more for this statement “Identity is character, a set of characterisations that flesh out someone or something. This becomes a brand only when effort is put in to communicate it to target audiences, and to sustain this messaging over time.”

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I found a interesting and colorful frolick outlet at Holland Village. I love the concept which they have adopt. They make use of colourful badges as decorative items to catch consumers attention.If you’re looking for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, the colorful outlet may lure you into getting a cool, frosty frozen yogurt 🙂

Do take alook at their official website, it is an interactive site with menu replaced by badges as click on to specific topic. It also featured games and fun tips for consumers


Mosaic Tile of Various Badges of Frolick

Frolick's Outlet at Holland Village


Welcome to my blog. I started this blog to update my latest artworks. I have always enjoy the creative process of ideas development and putting it down to concept. I like to source or refer to various designs that reflect culture and values of the intended audience of a particular brand. Let me share with you some useful links to those who enjoy graphic design like I do.

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